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Ultimate Guide to Fishing Weipa available now!

The middle of a drain is a great place to set your trap


Greetings all!

The Skipper Meggs Ultimate Guide to Fishing Weipa is now available for download at;

More than just an eBook, it's over 40,000 words of information jam packed into one easy to read PDF file!

The reason I put this book together was because the Fishing & Reef Tour Specialists fished this magnificent paradise a few years back and when we were preparing to go we just couldn't find any information about the place. Being a remote fishing destination we wanted to be prepared as much as possible. If only I had this eBook BEFORE we left!

I wanted to make sure that no one else would have to do as much research as we did so that when they got to Weipa they knew exactly what to do and where to go to get straight into the fishing action.

Yes, the book does give you directions to fishing hot spots, what to take including which lures (and for that matter it also gives you the low-down on when, where and how to catch mud crabs in Weipa) but it also provides insightful information about responsible fishing.

Anyway, more detailed information is available at;

I hope you enjoy it!

Sea you later,

Skipper Meggs

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Check out the amazing Amidships Blog, where Skipper Meggs discusses hints, tips and traps about fishing and holiday adventures. You just never know what he'll talk about next and he's never shy of controversy!

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