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Dear Fanatical Fishing Friends,

Have you looked EVERYWHERE to try and find a fishing book related to the wilds of Weipa? God knows I did! Sure, I found bits and pieces here and there but I couldn’t find ONE DEDICATED WEIPA FISHING BOOK.

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For the past 25 years I have been organising fishing holidays for my mates and every year I have continually strived to make them bigger and better than the previous ones. In fact collectively I have put in thousands of hours of research and execution to come up with this special e-Book that will save you time, money and effort in preparing for that sensational Weipa fishing holiday.

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Yep, Skipper Meggs and his rich buddies fly around anywhere they like in Australia (and probably overseas) to go fishing because they’re loaded to the eyeballs with spare cash.


Nothing could be further from the truth.

My mates and I are just your average guys off the street – a collection of people from all walks of life. One of us sells tickets at the train station, there’s a couple of fireman, a bar worker, a landscaper and a guy who really doesn’t have a job at the moment.

Most of us have young families, mortgages, credit card debts and the most mundane lifestyles – except when we get our leave passes from our wives or girlfriends to escape on our fishing adventures.

In the past I have put together fishing holidays up and down the east coast of Australia but have come to realise that Weipa represents the best value and greatest opportunity for fishermen. Not only that, it’s up to you whether or not you choose to fish without the need for specialised charter services because this eBook is jam packed full of details so you can decide.

REMEMBER, THE CATCH IS GREATEST WHERE THE FEWEST FISH and Weipa is still relatively undiscovered and yet easily accessible!

I’m sure you’re wondering why Skipper Meggs is revealing these secrets. Well frankly it’s because I have reached the conclusion that everyone in the world should have the opportunity to experience the fun, the mateship, the camaraderie and good times that my crew and I have enjoyed since the 1980’s.

Besides, I’ve been in your shoes before. I had to spend months researching Weipa before our trip because there was not one solitary source of relevant information.

This e-Book has everything you need to know about getting the trip off the ground – even if you have no experience, no money and no clue where to begin!

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If you go to Weipa you probably want to catch a barramundi – right? I mean everyone wants to catch a barramundi! Skipper Meggs gives you all the information you require to locate a barra including;

REMEMBER AT $40 a kilogram one legal size wild barramundi is all you need to pay for this eBook!

But Skipper Meggs doesn’t only cover off Barramundi, he uncovers little known details about;

Whether it’s bonefish or fingermark you’re after Skipper Meggs has all the answers!

Ed Salinas says “I can’t believe that Skipper Meggs is not charging more than $50 for this eBook – I caught some wild Weipa barramundi using his techniques, locations and information and that alone paid for it over and over again”.

Below is just a sample of some of the secrets Skipper Meggs shares;

Skipper Meggs reveals more no-nonsense information in the first 20 pages than many other off the shelf fishing books provide in their entirety.

But what about the MUD CRABS I hear you say?

Buy this eBook now and you will learn everything you wanted to know about a Mud Crab’s life cycle but knew your friends couldn’t possibly have the answer to!

It’s not just fishing that is covered in this eBook – no, no, no! Learn;

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Skipper Meggs is a conservationist and ardent fishing enthusiast and appreciates that education is so important to allow fishermen to do the right thing so that future generations can enjoy unspoilt places like Weipa. This eBook will tell you;

Peter Morrison says “After reading Skipper Meggs’ Weipa e-Book I realised that I may have been unwittingly contributing to the demise of fish that I had previously released. Now armed with the knowledge that I have gained I can release fish safely and feel good about my contribution to supporting stocks in general wherever I fish”

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